A Reflection - Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) [EN]

‘A Reflection’, my space that with the support of Hispacure, the Official Fan Collective of The Cure in Spain, I ask artists and cultural agents to tell me about their favorite songs and albums of The Cure.

Bruno Kramm, born in Munich (Germany), is a producer and multi-instrumentalist musician. Bruno has been the keyboardist for the band Das Ich since 1989. He is also the founder of the record label Danse Macabre.


I met The Cure when I was 19 years old, I had finished my studies at the institute, I was doing social service and I listened to an album, it was 'Pornography'. This completely changed my life, of all the bands I listened to The Cure was the one that inspired me the most, I was lost in that album, it was the darkest and deepest and this had a lot of effect on me.

My favorite albums are 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' (which I think is a great album), 'Disintegration' (a beautiful work) and the aforementioned 'Pornography' which, as I said, is the most important for me. And the fact is that this record defines an entire genre and has inspired the entire gothic scene.

The Cure is one of the most depressing ways of expressing the deepest frustration with music. The Cures find the right musical colors for true darkness, this made me accept depression and melancholy as an art form. It's like painting a dark picture, you can fill it with those colors... In the 80s everything was pop music and happy and with them it was like finding that dark path.

The Cure definitely had a big impact on Das Ich even though our music is different. The fact of using negative feelings in music came from The Cure, who without a doubt, are my biggest influence forever and ever.


‘Destillat’ from Das Ich -> https://youtu.be/aHh1hJQLuE8 


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Interview publication, October 07, 2021

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Published on  January 27th, 2022