A Reflection - Torul Torulsson (Torul) [EN]

Torul Torulsson is a musician from Ljubljana (Slovenia), he studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences but works full time as a musician, dj and producer. Among his musical projects stand out: Coptic Rain, Torul, Torulsson. Forthcoming projects: Palama Illusion, Flamingo Revolt, Dragon and Kite



I met The Cure when I was very young. I was 13 years old, when I walked into the room where my neighbor was watching the VHS tape of 'The Cure in Orange', I heard the song 'Push' and immediately I was completely mesmerized. I was lucky that my parents let me go to their 'Disintegration' tour concert in my hometown, Ljubljana.

I like almost every era of The Cure but I'm definitely totally hooked on 'Seventeen Seconds', 'Pornography' and 'Faith'. In addition I also include the 'Disintegration'.

My favorite albums are ‘Seventeen Seconds’, ‘Faith’, ‘Pornography’ and  ‘Disintegration’. My favorite songs? Many!: Pictures of You, Just Like Heaven, Faith, The Kiss, Lament, The Figurehead, All I Want, Charlotte Sometimes, Push, The Snakepit, One More Time, Fight, Homesick, The Same Deep Water As You, At Night, A Forest, A Thousand Hours, Like Cockatoos, One Hundred Years, A Strange Day, Siamese Twins, A Short Term Effect, Seventeen Seconds, Fascination Street, M, In Your House, Play For Today, Last Dance, Birdmad Girl, Shake Dog Shake, Prayers for Rain, Untitled

The Cure gives me a lot of very deep feelings, like depth, magic and awe at how truly talented Smith and Gallup are...

As a curiosity, we have made a version of the song 'Disintegration', and luckily it has been well received. We've also done 'Lovesong' and 'A Forest' but we've never released it, we try not to release too many covers in general.

Share the stage with them? Of course! That would be such an honour

Picture: Maj Valerij.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydPuezUpgV8 (cover 'Disintegration’).

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Interview publication, April 19, 2022

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Published on  April 19th, 2022